Friday, August 19, 2011

Can anyone imagine the Philippines without Superstar Nora Aunor?

The story of Nora Aunor unparalled in the history of Philippine showbusiness. She has become the country’s enduring Superstar, a multi-awarded film actress, truly a living legend.

Dubbed as the ’Girl with the Golden Voice’ she changed the course of Philippine pop music by outselling local and foreign singers at that time.

She was born Maria Leonora Teresa Villamayor to a large and poor family in Iriga City, Camarines Sur. At the age of five, she was selling water at the railroad station. The family lived in a nipa house with only one gasera to provide light, and sometimes Nora went to school barefoot. But then, tinseltown beckoned.

She began to make movies, and was paired with Tirso Cruz III. As Guy and Pip, they were a popular pair for many years, but then came a professional parting of the ways.

From musicals, Nora graduated to dramatic roles. And what an actress she turned out to be! She remains one of the very best.

She is married to Christopher De Leon and continues to be the doting mother to her real-life son, Ian Kristoffer, and adopted children Lotlot, Matet, both of whom have appeared in films, Kiko and Kenneth.

Nick Joaquin wrote in his book on Aunor: ‘She has broken the color line in the Philippine movies, where the rule used to be that heroines must be fair skin and chiseled of profile. Though neither fair nor statuesque, she has bloomed into a beauty all the more fascinating because it’s not standard. Seen close up, her complexion shows find gold tints, her features reveal a delicacy of outline, and her large liquid eyes are lovely’.

Miss Nora Aunor is without doubt the Undisputed Queen of Philippine Movies, The One and Only Superstar and The Greatest Actress of All Time of Philippine Cinema.


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