Thursday, August 8, 2013



Top Reasons Why People Should Watch “ANG KWENTO NI MABUTI”

1. It is a beautiful, “feel-good” movie told in all its simplicity and truthfulness, devoid of convoluted twists and complexities that are often dished out in today’s films. The story can be the story of any individual, of any Filipino who yearns to find and cultivate GOODNESS and moral integrity within himself given the harsh realities and uncertainties of day-to-day existence.
2. There’s a certain cultural flavor in the film that would interest and appeal to viewers – local and foreign alike as the story is set in an idyllic, remote barrio in Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya.
3. Keeping the spirit of independent filmmaking in the Philippines alive, Ang Kwento ni Mabuti boasts of a highly creative and experimental approach in film production and story-telling which is the trademark of acclaimed director/writer Mes De Guzman – resulting in a movie that can be described as lyrical, realistic, simple yet powerful.
4. The movie substantially relies on the marked artistry of its lead actor – NORA AUNOR whose last indie project happened to be the widely and internationally acclaimed film Thy Womb. For her role as the kindhearted folk healer Mabuti, Aunor had to study the Ilocano dialect which she used in all of her scenes in the movie. For a change, and a welcome one at that, Nora essays a character that is full of optimism, positive vibes, cheerfulness and yes – GOODNESS!
Ang Kwento ni Mabuti is not the usual fare that the movie world offers… It is independent fimmaking at its best. Great story, topnotch direction, arresting and breathtaking visuals, excellent production design, impressive artistic and technical merits and a fresh and mesmerizing performance from Nora Aunor. If there is one movie that people should watch in the forthcoming inaugural Cine Filipino Film Festival, definitely it is ANG KWENTO NI MABUTI.

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