Wednesday, September 4, 2013

An Academic Journal Issue Devoted On Nora Aunor



BIKOL STUDIES journal seeks contributions for a special issue on NORA AUNOR
We are seeking contributions for a special issue of the trans-disciplinary journal of the Ateneo de Naga University Bikol Studies: Perspectives and Advocacies on Nora Aunor.

The writings which we hope to review for publication should suffer the idea of the discursive formation of “talent,” that is, Nora Aunor, in a particular archipelagic locality, which is Iriga, and its movement into the nation, and its trans-local inflections.

This stress on the locality of talent addresses the question of “origin” which always already seems to be a mere “point of departure” not only for the academic study on Nora but for the persona constructed in the inquiry, Nora herself.

Bikol Studies, as the exponent of engaged academic writing in the region, seeks to reclaim the locus of Bikol as the premise for any contemporary research on Nora Aunor, turning the icon as a sign that indexes the region, which, at last, could also be the “point of arrival” for any understanding of Nora.

The journal is seeking contributions which propose by way of their prose innovative trans-disciplinal methodology in writing creative, literary critical, film historical, auto/biographical, historiographic, ethnographic accounts around the following critical themes from the lives and afterlives of devotional discourse around Nora:

transportation, mobility, the train system, and its political economy
the singing competition and its notion of the amateur
radio and the making of the vocal and the sonic
the ethnolinguistic moment in Noranian folk and pop discography
popular practices of cinematic/discographic identification
local disseminations of the star
the urban/rural political dimensions of Nora
metonyms of Bikol in Nora’s filmography
Iriga as milieu of Noranian creativity
review of related hagiography on Aunor
a critical Noranian iconography
forms and contents of the Noranian archive in Bikol
feminist mis/appropriations of the Noranian narrative
queer im/personations of the Noranian manner/ism

What the issue wishes to gather is a compendium of academic inquiry into the dialectic between Nora and Bikol. What is Bikolano about Nora? And what is Noranian about Bikol? Why can't Bikol be erased from Nora? And why can’t Nora be effaced from Bikol?

Nora Aunor, Bikol’s brightest star, is purportedly the region’s most prodigal daughter. As a reflection on the impossible possibility of a reconciliation, with Nora, and with Bikol, the issue hopes to think through the idea of return, in spite of nostalgia, and its melancholic modernity.

Please send an abstract of your paper to

J. Pilapil Jacobo, Ph.D.
Issue Editor

 Image Source: Sompat Saeyong

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