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Manila Standard Today
Thursday, September 29, 2011

With her much-awaited television comeback via the explosive drama Sa Ngalan ng Ina, Nora Aunor couldn’t thank TV5 enough.

“That’s true,” she states. “I only have the highest respect for them. Since the day I set foot once again in the Philippines, they were really supportive. Words aren’t enough to describe how they are taking very good care of me at present. They simply make me feel important and I’m deeply touched and honored.”

The Superstar cites Sa Ngalan ng Ina as a perfect comeback project for her.
“My instinct proved me right! The first time it was offered to me, I felt positive about the material right away. Honestly, this is one show where I didn’t feel it was just work. I gave my heart and soul into it.

“Because this is boob tube drama on a grand scale, the cast members gave inspired performances. All of us felt the characters we portrayed, so to speak. In fact, I didn’t mind working until the wee hours of the morning just to ensure that each scene would be a must-see. I can assure the fans that it’s worth the long wait!”

She is reunited with former husband Christopher de Leon in this ambitious project.
“It’s a big honor to work with him once again!” admits Guy. “Everybody knows what an excellent actor he is. He’s very supportive in our highly dramatic scenes. If I forget my lines in some takes, he remains cool and patient. Ha-ha-ha! Being away for eight years, he understood that I was adjusting in front of the cameras during our initial taping days.”
Many are curious how she felt when she first faced Boyet on screen.

“You mean if there’s still a ‘kilig’ factor? Let’s just put it this way: we have a past. We have a son (Ian de Leon) who, incidentally is working with us in this program. He serves as the strong link that will forever connect the two of us.

“Definitely, you just can’t take it away. The memories are there. Papa Boyet is a professional actor. You have to step up in your scenes with him. It’s always a pleasure working with an A-1 thespian like him!”

Speaking of co-actors, she is surrounded by lots of junior stars in Sa Ngalan ng Ina like Nadine Samonte, Alwyn Uytingco, Karel Marquez, Eula Caballero and Edgar Allan Guzman.

“Oh yes! And I must say that they hold great promise in the acting department. I can see their dedication and seriousness to their craft. To be honest, they just didn’t know it, but during my scenes with them, I also felt nervous. In spite of their youth, they already exhibit a high level of acting competence!”

Guy is also very glad to be working with acclaimed director Mario O’ Hara in this grand project.

“I’ve always been vocal in saying that he is one of my favorite directors. I’ve done unforgettable potboilers with him like Tatlong Taong Walang Diyos, Kastilyong Buhangin, Condemned and Bakit Bughaw ang Langit. Direk Mario always brings out the best in me.
“I’m really honored that after a long time, we had the chance to work again as director-actress. He knows me very well, my strengths as a performer. With just one look at him, I already know what to do. Here in Sa Ngalan ng Ina, the chemistry between us is still evident,” she avers.

The diminutive showbiz icon has good news for her legions of fans: “I might sign a three-year exclusive contract with TV5. As I’ve said, I’m very happy with them. I’ll forever be thankful for their trust in me despite my long absence in the ‘biz,” ends Nora.

Nadine fearful of Aunor’s fans

According to Nadine Samonte, she was initially apprehensive to slap Nora Aunor in one of their acting highlights in the new TV5 drama offering Sa Ngalan ng Ina.

“I couldn’t do it in full blow because I was afraid her fans would get mad at me! Ha-ha-ha! But what’s good with her, she’s a real trouper. In spite of her enviable stature in the business, she doesn’t mind getting physically hurt if it would contribute to the effectiveness of the scene. I’m hats-off to Nora’s unparalleled acting genius,” she reveals.

Based on the trailer, she has so many confrontation scenes with the Superstar.

“Yes! Her eyes…they are hypnotic and convey a lot of emotions. You have to be careful not to lose your character when you’re doing a scene with her. She could effortlessly steal the thunder from you. It’s really a great honor and privilege on my part to work with Nora here in Sa Ngalan ng Ina!”

Apart from her career’s new-found fire after becoming a Kapatid, the pretty gal’s personal state is also rosy. She already admitted that she and come-backing actor Leandro Muñoz are exclusively dating.

“I’m happy at present but for the record, I haven’t answered him yet,” explains Nadine. “Let’s just wait and see where this leads us. His being an American citizen is a salient factor. He can’t be here most of the time. It’s hard since long-distance relationships rarely succeed.”
But it doesn’t mean she’s totally closing her door to the possibility of ending up with the handsome actor eventually.

“That’s right! Personally, if it will be the two of us, there would be no problem with me. I just find the situation hard. I’m here and he’s there, get what I mean?”

In one of Leandro’s recent interviews, he said that he’s willing to live permanently in the Philippines for her.

“You know, it’s relieving to hear but it’s not yet a hundred per cent sure. He has so many things to attend to back there!”

Settling in the States with Leandro is also not an enticing option for Nadine at this point.
“What? Ha-ha-ha! It’s not in any way possible due to my contract with TV5. It is three years! One thing more, I’m family-oriented. I can’t leave them just like that,” says Nadine.


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