Thursday, October 20, 2016



By Wilson Manobo

What does "Hinulid" mean to me? Life is a slow, breezy but sometimes painful journey (train) that transports us to the different worlds of facts (science) and imagination (poetry), the deceit and domination of evil (pretentious school officials, brutal military men, hideous frat men}, and the promise of eternal life (religion/ theology). Only by having lived a good life exemplified by Sita and her son will guarantee us the blessed justice we are hoping for ( stars and fireflies). Real justice can never be experienced here which was denied of Sita and her son. It is only by having lived a faith-filled life like Sita ( her memories , good deeds, and tremendous love for her lone son) will make us resign to the divine will and will lead us to a consoling death ( La Muerte). Only in heaven can we really experience the perfect justice (Three Images of The Dead Christ) which was denied of us here on earth! How blessed are those who hunger for justice, for they shall be filled!


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