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Film Review: Dementia



If you think Philippine movie industry is dead, think again, the industry comes alive again, thanks to Ms. Nora Aunor, for being active anew, making  and giving us  quality and relevant films. With the series of movies like "Thy Womb",  "Hustisya" and now "Dementia", Pinoy movies are something to watch again, I have seen  all the movies mentioned and no doubt La Aunor is one of the greatest actress of all time in our Philippine movie  history, a legend. By the way I want to categorize Dementia as both as a Film and a Movie at the same time, for the artistic and commercial value. 

Mara Fabre (Nora Aunor) was diagnosed with Dementia (memory degeneration), her niece (Bing Loyzaga) decided to come home and bring her back in her hometown of Batanes, a beautiful island up north, hoping to bring back some of her memories.  There the story revolves in  reminiscing her dark secrets, trying to settle and reconcile with her pasts. I won't tell you more about the story as much as I want to share it, to leave something for your imagination.

I don't want to be biased as well, but since we all grew up with La Aunor and we know her caliber, seen her movies, she literally a part of our culture and life, when it comes to acting, I'm all praises for her. Moving on and going back to Dementia, I really wanted to see this film on its first week run, good thing I was invited by my friends in the Nora Aunor Core Group: Dr. Danilo Delfin, Dr. Vener Mejia and Mr. Nestor De Guzman and informed that it was still showing on its second week! Lucky me!

This is another masterpiece and well-crafted film that will reap acting awards and honors here and abroad. The movie is  a box office hit even on the second week! The movie had both commercial and artistic value, that raise the consciousness of moviegoers both in the arts and entertainment department.

The movie is silent but runs deep, La Aunor's signature facial expressions is an acting in itself, she doesn't even have to say a dialogue, and only her can do just that. Her effortless and unpredictable acting give a lot of curiosity in my imagination that makes me  more suspense and thrilled!  The easy way to judge a good and working  movie is by the audience impact, if it's something that moves everyone, I can see the movie is a winner in this department, you'll hear screaming audiences,  engaged all throughout and got carried away.  

The beautiful and picturesque Batanes was the location of the story, it was a visual treat to all.  The script is well-written, and every details of the story has its own story to tell, kudos to  Mr. Jun Lana.

The Director Perci Intalan, was amazing for a first timer, he was able to extract the acting skills of all the cast. Bing Loyzaga is great, Jasmine Smith (as Rachel) is also a revelation, Yul Servo (husband of Bing) was very convincing, Chynna Ortaleza (as Olivia) is one actress to watch.

The Ateneo De Manila University Choral gave the movie a unique and original musical scores, they gave the film a lot of emotions, suspense and a high impact in every scene.

Coming from our friend, who don't watch Filipino movies and who's not a Noranian but became instant Noranian after watching Dementia:

"DEMENTIA is a world-class movie, with excellent cinematography, screenplay, musical scoring and superb performances of Nora Aunor and the whole cast." - MARK ANTHONY A. ROZEINIO

Do I need to say more? Every Filipino should watch this film, highly recommended.

Thank you Ms. Nora Aunor,  binuhay mo ang industriya ng  pelikulang Pilipino!

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