Wednesday, August 8, 2012



A picture can be interpreted a hundred different ways.  One's imagination can play simply or wildly.  Mine is a little bit of both.  The water represents the "Womb".  The persons represent a baby inside the womb, either a boy or a girl.  The paddles or the act of paddling represents "survival".  If you paddle through life, it means you face and fight the challenges of life.  But when you stop paddling or rowing, it's a sign of giving up on life.  The picture really speaks about "life" in general . . . the life actually starts when we're in the womb, not we're born.  Life in the womb is important, it's our training ground. That's just me . . . and my thoughts.  The picture is "off-center" because that symbolizes reality.  True life is not always calm and quiet.  It shifts to the left . . . or to the right.  Brilliant!

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