Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Nora Aunor leads in packing donations to be given to the flood victims.


The latest onslaught of torrential rains emphasized how the Filipino spirit is indeed weather-proof. Although Metro Manila and neighboring provinces were left paralyzed by the monsoon, Filipinos from all parts of the country came together in aid of those most in need.

One of the groups organizing comprehensive rescue and relief programs is TV5, through RESCUE5 and the Alagang Kapatid Foundation. Hundreds of thousands of displaced citizens were able to benefit from TV5’s continuous operations. Kapatid stars also took part in various aspects of the network’s efforts to help those affected by the rains.

The Superstar herself, Nora Aunor, helped pack relief goods at the TV5 Broadway office, which is one of the drop-off points for donations coursed through Alagang Kapatid Foundation. Danita Paner and IC Mendoza also joined the relief operations. Ate Guy and other TV5 volunteers headed to the Sta. Lucia covered court in Novaliches to distribute goods to the families taking shelter in the evacuation center.

Nora Aunor leads in relief operations in Sta. Lucia Covered Court
Quezon City

Nora Aunor comforting evacuees at Alagang Kapatid Foundation's
relief ops in Sta Lucia.

Briefing for Relief Operations

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  1. Nora Aunor is really helpful with her countrymen...she has heart to the poor people and she always have a dream of having a foundation so she could always help the needy...Kudos to the Superstar and her team...