Wednesday, May 2, 2012


                                           By Alex Aquino

Like Jesus Christ the Superstar of all superstars, Nora Aunor has made a difference in my life.

I grew up watching Superstar, the longest running TV musical variety show. I watched the record-breaking show with the complete family cast from the first to the third generation. In 1977 there were only two TV’s during that time in our barangay and the entire neighborhood would flock to our house with eyes glued to Nora Aunor. The night wouldn’t be complete without Nora Aunor.

There was never a point in my life that I was disenchanted with Nora Aunor. She always mesmerizes me with her awesome gift. I don’t call her singing and acting stints as talents, for her superb performance in singing and acting testifies to her incomparable gift. Yes, Nora is a gifted artist, and she’s a rare gift to the music and movie world.

As the years pass by, my unparalleled admiration for Nora Aunor has never waned. Many great artists come and go but only Nora Aunor possesses the distinctive marks of a real superstar. She owns a magnetic impact and enigmatic image that no other actors have. She captivates her audience with her magical voice. She conquers all oddities with her superlative artistry.

I am a reserved person, but my unadulterated esteem for Nora Aunor gives me the impetus to speak loud of her influence in my life. As a university professor, I always introduce Nora Aunor in my class. I teach literature and my teaching strategies would never be complete without Nora Aunor movie, watched and studied by the class. Luminous discussions gleam as the class learns to appreciate the contribution of the original superstar.

The Philippine’s one and only superstar is N.O.R.A. She is a N-oble artist that spells out magnificence in every edge. She is an O-utstanding performer that champions Filipino excellence. She is a R-are actress that bouts mediocrity with superiority. She is an A-mazing talent that portrays the persona of a National Artist.

Nora has created an overriding impact not only in my life but in the life of every dreaming Filipino.

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  1. The oxygen in my blood is a Nora Aunor cell. I love her from here to eternity. That is her impact in me!