Wednesday, May 2, 2012


                                              By Alex Aquino

Only a fool can forget Nora’s greatness. Only a second-rate can ignore her excellence. Only an envious person cannot nominate her for National Artist. Are you a fool? Are you a second-rate? Are you an envious?

Think about this: The number of awards an artist has received is not a genuine proof of excellence. Awards may be bought. Awards may be unscrupulously given. But the impact of one’s excellence in cinema, in music, in TV, and in theater can never be expunged. Nora possesses an incontrovertible bearing in all of this.

Nora Aunor for National Artist is an honest move that promotes Filipino artistry. It is a fulfillment of a Filipino dream. It is the banner of excellence unfurled throughout the world for every Filipino race.

Unlimited anecdotes have been surfacing the movie industry about Nora, not for Vilma and the rest. The echoes of Nora’s magnitude keep ringing. It is a sweet melody that creates inspiration. But to the enemy, it is a haunting tune that makes a fuss of nuisance and hitch.

The unique torch of Nora never dies. It’s a torch of eminence that no icy indifference can extinguish it. Long live Nora Aunor! Long live!


  1. wala akong masabi!!!tama lahat!!

  2. "Then their disbelief will be forever sealed by shame."

    Hail to the Real Queen

  3. Bravo! Nora will remain in the hearts of billions!