Wednesday, May 2, 2012


 Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Nora Aunor popularly known as superstar of Philippine music and cinema has gained wide acceptance of Filipino people due to her mass-market appeal. She did not demand her title, but the plebeian and the elite who saw her worth webbed a name fit for her stature.

Compared with other stars, Nora was never eclipsed by her long hiatus in the music and movie industry. Her absence in the glare of publicity did never block off her stellar influence, for the Nora fanatics never ceased in talking about their idol as the subject of discourse.

Nora’s luster never fades. Her superstar charm continues to draw her solid supporters and muddles through new converts that believe her endowments and craft. Her glossy repute as the biggest star in the history of Philippine cinema lingers to uphold the spectrum of her success.

No one is next to Nora. Neither Vilma Santos nor Sharon Cuneta can match her genuine rise to superstardom. The little brown girl from Iriga was destined to be the Philippines one and only superstar because of her supreme impact to the Filipino people. She’s the only star adorned by her fans next to Jesus Christ. In terms of popularity, there was no Filipino star that opted to ride in a helicopter to escape an adoring mob than Nora Aunor.  There was no star for all seasons and megastar that were able to chronicle a multitude of diehard fans than the original superstar. 

Nora Aunor knows her limitations.  She goes up a blind alley.  She swallows her pride. This makes her a survivor. She outlives every blunder that she committed. She lives through the indictment of her actions.  She survives all the threat of show biz demolition. She ascends to a higher plinth of support that only she is worthy of.

The next National Artist deserves the string of accolades every unprejudiced Filipino could give. The voice has spoken in the congress to put Nora Aunor on the pedestal where she belongs. Another voice came out to support the outclassed contender. The sun rises and sets each day with the voices that contend with each other. But there is only one voice that could survive them all.  It’s the voice of truth that echoes on and on that Nora Aunor is the singular star that merits the highest honor.
Nora lives on!


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