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September 22, 2011


As a fashion designer, there are those moments that really define your career as a creative individual!  One of those really special moments happened yesterday!  My dream of creating something for the original superstar NORA AUNOR came true!  I have been quite vocal about me wanting to design for La Aunor and when I got a message from her people that she herself asked for me to make something for her for a red carpet event, I was like OMG!  Are you all serious?  I was like  BY ALL MEANS!!!!!

So the task was set!  I wanted to create something really chic and elegant!  I  did not want to design anything that would detract from the STAR that she was!  My first thoughts were of a LUXE man’s tailored shirt with detail!  I created a raw white egyptian cotton man’s shirt and a silk serpentina skirt!
When she came,  all the measurements were so off!  Her team sent me the measurements and it was so big but Ms. Aunor was so gracious and patient that she stood there while me and my team did the adjustments!  Here are some candid moments from our fitting!

I wanted to share this with all my fellow NORANIANS beacause I am seriously over the moon!  I mean OMG!  This is really a dream come true for me!  I still cannot believe my luck!  To be able to design for la AUNOR is really a dream!  I want to share with all of you the experience and although this is still in the rough stages, I know in my heart I captured the essence of who La AUNOR is!  I LOVE Ms. NORA AUNOR!!!!!!! Maraming salamat sa pagtitiwala sa akin!  Ang puso ko ay umaapaw sa galak at tuwa!!!!  Mabuhay ang ORIGINAL SUPERSTAR!!!!!