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Noemi (Cairo), Fe (Hongkong), Dolor (Barcelona), Loida (Middle East)
Late last night, I watched the video clips (interviews and a few scenes) of DH in YouTube.  I had goosebumps and my heart thumped as I watched.  I didn't know what to say.  I stared at nothingness.  What I know was that I was very delighted to finally see some living images of this highly acclaimed play.  At the same time I was a tad sad as now I felt that I had been robbed of the opportunity to be a witness to the brilliance of the actor I have long admired, doing the thing that she knows best, in flesh and blood, in a very demanding, physically and emotionally draining role ever.  THEN IT ALL MADE MORE SENSE...those rave reviews about the play and the excellent acting.  An actor more known for underrated, subtle acting doing it exceptionally well on stage where exaggerated acting is more the norm, what a HUGE FEAT!  Still there's no mistaken those eyes that glisten and piercing through glances. Truly gifted...

Ate Guy has really come a long way as an artist.  From the singing sensation that she first was to the ultimate performer that she has become, she need not prove anything more. And how on earth did a "bakya" icon able to shine brightly in the "elite" theater art medium is a testament to her versatility and the willingness to challenge her craft.  And why even do it in the first place?  Certainly not for big bucks nor any award or recognition as one would know that theater has none or little of those.  It was instead for a very good cause, of course.  With all sincerity and honest intent, Ate Guy expressed it all from the heart, hoping against HOPE that her effort will somehow be paid off in terms of even just a shallow social/political awareness that could have been implanted in the people's consciousness.  And maybe...just maybe, some good things would have come from it.  And do we have to mention that her involvement in stage plays also paved the way for the Pinoy cinema "lovers" to appreciate the theatre art experience and be nourished by it?

For all the things that she did and did not do...for all her glory, fame, faults and shame..Nora Aunor, the artist and the person showed that she did genuinely care, not just for the industry that she is a part of but for the nation that she was born of. 

Ate Guy, you can still continue to make a DIFFERENCE.  Your God given talent is more than enough to support a noble cause.  How 'bout more of these "enlightening" play outings?  

Until now, I am mesmerized...

(written and posted July 2008)

Fast forward to 2011.
The Most Fascinating, Interesting, Exciting Person of 2011 and Forever - Interview by Boy Abunda.
Boy Abunda: Ano ang aming aasahan sa 2012 mula sa iyo?
Nora Aunor: Isang pangako ng mga gagawin ko pa. Isang concert, isang matinding pelikula, stage play.. tapos na.

One more stage play? Oh boy! was I so glad to hear that..

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