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It is election year and Amang Deogracias is challenging the incumbent Pepe Ilustre for the gubernatorial seat of the province.

Amang has just married Elena, formerly the family nursemaid, much to the chagrin of his two elder children: Andrea, now running for the position of the town mayor; Alfonso; and the youngest child Angelo, who is in favor of this union.

Pepe is related to the province’s most influential political family by marriage and his wife’s family will do everything to hold on to power by any way possible, including an assassination attempt.

On the night of the election, at the miting de avance of Amang’s party, a bomb was placed under the stage and Amang dies. Much to the surprise of everyone including his partymates, Amang anoints Elena in his deathbed as his replacement for the gubernatorial seat.

The sympathy vote went to Elena’s favor and wins against Pepe as the new provincial governor. Elena promises to clean the province of all the corruption as she also swears never to wear anything but black until she rids the province of all the dirt and avenges her husband’s death.

With Zaldie, Amang’s trusted aide, Angelo and Pacita, her sister at her lone side, Elena boldly pursues a dangerous and almost impossible quest to fulfill all her promises to her province and to her family.


NORA AUNOR as ELENA DEOGRACIAS As a quietly intelligent woman, silence is golden to her and her action speaks louder than words. She takes all the ridicules and insults going her way as challenges to overcome. Politics is never in her heart but with the gubernatorial position thrust to her, she vows to learn and earn her province’s trust as well her family’s love.

CHRISTOPHER DE LEON as PEPE ILUSTRE The crippled incumbent Governor and Elena’s first love. Ambitious in youth, he entered into a marriage of convenience to a political family only to realize that he will never love another woman but Elena.

BEMBOL ROCO as AMANG DEOGRACIAS Assassinated gubernatorial candidate and husband of Elena. He is the province’s shining hope to rid all corruption and so he passes this grave responsibility to his wife.

ROSANNA ROCES as LUCIA ILUSTREPolitical scion and sole heiress to the province’s most influential political family. It was a time and age when women were not worthy political leaders so she married Pepe to continue their reign. She is the power behind the throne and the signatory to all the provincial government’s illegal transactions.

IAN DE LEON as ZALDY Trusted aide to Amang but is actually the Ilustre’s spy in the Deogracias family.  Lucia’s kept lover, Zaldy is the lynchpin to the downfall of the Ilustre as he begins to put his faith in Elena and change allegiance for the betterment of his province.

NADINE SAMONTE as ANDREA Manila educated eldest daughter of Amang. Now the Town Mayor, she never hates Elena but will always regard her as her yaya, not the wife to her father. The distrust comes after Amang chooses Elena to be his replacement instead of her as the political blood was rightly ingrained in her to continue the tradition.

ALWYN UYTINGCO as ALFONSOPepe’s wild child and eldest son. It is he who hates Elena for being his father’s second wife and will do everything to embarrass her; even to the point of placing ELENA in an uncomfortable position of choosing between her responsibility to the province and her loyalty to their family.

EDGAR ALLAN GUZMAN as ANGELOPepe’s youngest son and devoted stepson to Elena. He has his father’s pure heart and is regarded as the most trustworthy of Pepe’s children.

EUGENE DOMINGO as PACITA TORIBIOYounger sister of Elena. She may not be as brainy as her sister but it is her innate ability to find ways and means that will help Elena in all her endeavors.  Pacita will be the wind beneath Elena’s wings. 

EULA CABALLERO as ELSAAdoptive daughter of Elena. Even she does not know the fact that she is in fact Elena and Pepe’s daughter. She will fall in love with Angelo and vice versa.

KAREL MARQUEZ as CARMELADaughter of Pepe and Lucia. She will fall in love with Angelo but this is just part of the plan of her mother to further infiltrate the Ilustre family.

Boyfriend and aide of Andrea. He will make Andrea realize that Elena is worthy to be called Governor and mother to her family.


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