Thursday, August 18, 2011

StarValue Research and Analysis: Yahoo Confirms Nora Aunor Likely to Expand Awareness and Interest for TV5

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

SSV wants to confirm our earlier contention that Superstar Nora Aunor can indeed increase awareness and interest for her mother network, the ultra-aggressive and new major player, TV5.

And since SuperStarValue values objectivity and hard data more than anything else for its pop media analysis, we decided to tap one of the latest features of online giant Yahoo! in measuring trends worldwide. But what we what to focus on here is 'Philippine' result for our query that we're sure TV5 officials would find most welcome. Below is a short, comparative breakdown: 

TV5 search on Yahoo

Philippines >
  1. 1.National Capital Region100
  2. 2.Central Luzon46
  3. 3.Northern Mindanao12

NORA AUNOR search on Yahoo

Philippines >
  1. 1.National Capital Region100
  2. 2.Central Visayas46
  3. 3.Northern Mindanao40
  4. 4.Central Luzon38
  5. 5.Davao Region28
  1. 6.Western Visayas27
  2. 7.Calabarzon19
  3. 8.Eastern Visayas16
  4. 9.Cagayan Valley13
  5. 10.Caraga8

SSV Analysis: For the two weeks that Ms. Nora Aunor has been in the country, the searches tracked by Yahoo! for her came from many areas in the entire Philippine archipelago, with the top 10 regions listed, as shown immediately above.

Comparatively, for the same period (Aug. 2-17), the searched tracked by Yahoo! for TV5 came from three regions; NCR, Central Luzon and Northern Mindanao.

What can we gather from the above data? A lot but let us just point out the obvious.

First, it indicates how extensive the awareness and interest still is for Ms Nora Aunor as far as the Filipinos from almost all regions in the country are concerned.

Second. That TV5's expansion goals can definitely benefit from the added areas that said awareness and interest for Ms. Aunor still resides.

Third. TV5 is clearly headed to gain new audiences from new regions when it finally airs "Sa Ngalan ng Ina", the ground-breaking miniseries that made this grander-than-expected showbiz comeback possible for the Superstar.

Of course, challenges still lie ahead including the tough task of matching the high expectations of the critics, the fans and the general public. But these are welcome challenges for TV5, ate Guy and the rest of the "SNNI" team.

What is clear however, as indicated by Yahoo! Clues, is that the current scenario is proving to be a win-win scenario for ate Guy and her new mother network, TV5.


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