Sunday, August 21, 2011


Star Studio Magazine
September, 2011
Vol. 11 No. 6


It is by cliche to say so but, yes, it is still those eyes that set Nora Aunor apart.  For Ate Guy , the intensity of emotion those eyes unleash can make time stand still - no past, no future , just this moment  and the soul connection she creates.  For seven days in August, Star Studio trailed Ate Guy as she did just that: make time stand still.

From the moment she arrived at the airport , she put the ghosts of the past behind her and claimed the present as her own.  The result is a photo-documentary capturing the love and hysteria that met her at every stop.  Along the way, a candid Nora opened up and shared with our team the anxiety she carried as she faced people she may have disappointed and the joy of discovering how old ways can be mended into something new.

The Star Studio team extends our heartfelt thanks to Suzette Ranillo who paved the way so that we could be part of the unfolding journey.

Thank you, too, to Gov. ER Ejercito of Scenema Concepts and to Perci Intalan of TV5 for giving us access to their plans and welcoming our crew.

Most of all, we thank the Superstar, Nora Aunor for her warmth, candor and trust.

Acting Editor-In-Chief

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