Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Home is where Nora’s wandering heart should be

Philippine Daily Inquirer
Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sometime back, we got in touch with a number ofmovie producers and directors to get them interested in backing a comeback vehicle for Nora Aunor. Despite her many setbacks, we continue to believe in her talent, so we wanted to help her get her acting career going again.
Unfortunately, most of the movers and shakers we contacted weren’t encouraging in their responses. They agreed that Nora was a uniquely gifted artist, but they said that the sad reality was, Nora’s career was basically over. Today’s viewers simply didn’t know or had forgotten her, and it was time for her to move on to other things.
‘Marketable’ performer
But, we persisted: We asked them, on the off chance that they would consider casting Nora in a project, how much she would rate as a “marketable” performer. Also, the amount they came up with was shockingly low! Didn’t her past awards and other accomplishments count for anything? Yes, they sadly replied—but not much anymore.
We disagreed, of course, but they said we were living in the past, and it was time for us to move on!
Well, we’re glad that other producers still have faith in the Superstar, because don’t look now, but she’s back—and seemingly with a vengeance: Offers for her to act on TV and in the movies are coming in one after another, debunking the cynical notion that the 58-year-old star is a has-been.
At first, it was only E.R. Ejercito who was interested, and got her to play a role in his film bio on Andres Bonifacio. Then, TV5 weighed in with a month-long miniseries to be megged by Mario O’Hara.
Then, Nora’s “diehard” fans, themselves also in their golden years, feted her in the hundreds.
Perhaps it was this spontaneous “show of force” that made some film people belatedly realize that Nora’s career wasn’t deader than a dodo bird, because they proceeded to come up with possible Nora starrers of their own.
For instance, Mother Lily wants Nora to star in her new “Mano Po 7” film, “Hototay,” slated for showing in this December’s Metro Manila film fest. Another producer is thinking of doing a remake of an old Nora starrer, “Bakekang.” And a new teleserye project is also being bruited about.
Why, if Nora’s career continues to heat up like this, she may stay in the country for good—which is what we’ve been urging her to do all along, because home is definitely where her wandering heart should be.
To make doubly sure that her nth comeback will turn out to be a triumph, Nora needs to shake off the bad habits and influences of the past that soured up her image and work ethic for some people.
It looks like this could be happening, because industry insiders have been commenting on her “more professional” conduct these days. Let’s hope and pray that the transformation isn’t just a “special offer” but is here to stay!
Now that she’s older and wiser, Nora can still make an impressive comeback—provided that, aside from accepting commercial projects for her financial wellbeing, she will also make it a point to do challenging dramas “for the soul.”
Because that’s how Nora is at her best— as Filipino viewers’ emblematic heart and soul.

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