Wednesday, August 31, 2011


We at Inside Showbiz Magazine join the still-legions of Nora Aunor admirers nationwide who welcome her much-awaited return to the Philippines, although many of us might have actually been too young during her heydays in local entertainment to distinctly remember her showbiz exploits, except for viewed reruns of her Tagalog movies on cable TV or video.  She was one great actress!  She still is, since talents do not just fade away.  She may no longer befit the Golden Voice label now but she is still on great actress.

Why do many admire Nora despite her roller-coaster personal life and some troubles in the past?  Nora Aunor is no doubt a great dramatic actress, if not the greatest actress ever in Philippine Cinema and on television.

Nora is also an amazing and authentic "rags to riches" Cinderella saga, one that is still ongoing like a telenovela.  Can she still regain her past successes, her fabulous wealth?  Abangan ang susunod na kabanata!  Even her love life has always been colorful and controversial.

Inside Showbiz Magazine
September, 2011

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